Best Women Bowling Shoes in 2022 Reviews

You can easily boost the positiveness inside your mind and body by simply playing your favorite sports. One of the most popular spots that you could play indoor is bowling. Most women find joy in this type of sport. To be able to play the favorite sports such as bowling, it is crucial to ensure that you have accessories required. One such accessory is a pair of shoe. You can specifically search for women bowling shoes that are designed for this specific purpose i.e. playing bowling.

The best women’s bowling shoes prove to be highly beneficial for any beginner or a regular bowler. The key aspects that women need to look for while buying the best bowling shoes are durability, convenience, size and wear style. Selecting the finest bowling shoes could make a huge difference while playing bowling. Keep reading below to learn about the best women’s bowling shoes:

10. Dexter Vicky

 Dexter Vicky Women Bowling Shoes

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A retro vibe when you throw the bowling ball, now can be seen through these Dexter ® Vicky shoes with. For the design of these shoes, there are durable, man-made tops that are fitted with side mesh panels. Such panels are framed in a classic silhouette for bowling. Moreover, the main specialties of these bowling shoes are the tongue and collar which are lightly cushioned. They come with the adjustable lace-up closure to employ a secure fit throughout the bowling session.


  • It is lightweight, thus is easy to carry around.
  • The footbed is cushioned with foam to boost comfort during use. In addition there is a forefoot of Soft slide-rite™.
  • The soft fabric linings show exclusive, elegant appearance.
  • Their outsoles are made of non-marking rubber, and are durable.

9. Storm Women’s Galaxy Bowling Shoes- Multi

Storm Womens Galaxy

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Galaxy bowling shoes from Storm Women’s are part of the Storm’s Athletic line. They exhibit a unique futuristic style as well as universal slide soles. Those beautiful bowling shoes look perfect and stylish for any type of bowler.


  • There is one molded removable blown EVA footbed on each of the feet.
  • Includes side vents to improve the breathability.
  • The upper cotton fabric is lightweight and stylish.
  • This shoes come with the elliptical eyelets, for trouble-free adjustment.

8. Hammer Women’s Vixen Bowling Shoes

Hammer Women

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The Hammer Women’s Vixen shoes are indeed Hammer’s first high-performance women’s bowling shoe. All the prominent features are packed inside to optimize the performance as well as maximize comfort. An Ortholite 3D Deluxe insole is available for boosting the breathability and cushioning effect. STA-DRY is available with open mesh tongue and collar to make sure your feet don’t experience suddenness. They are designed bio mechanically to offer ultimate in comfort and performance.


  • Interchangeable slide pads and heel are available on left shoe.
  • There is the implementation of innovative H-Bar heel locking system in these women’s bowling shoes.

7. KR Strikeforce Women’s Bowling Shoes

KR Strikeforce Women

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These curve bowling shoes are outstanding for the price paid. Also, it fits really well. All you need to be careful about is looking at the size chart and ordering the required size carefully. Those shoes are made fashionable in addition to offering the ideal fit. They are made available in the personality of fun and color scheme. Overall, they are well-made, true to size, and would perfectly slide through.


  • To offer cushioned comfort and lightweight construction, there is an EVA midsole with synthetic nature.
  • These women’s bowling curve shoes are made from the soft, sturdy, manmade uppers. They even come with the Comfort-Fit build.

6. Brunswick Bliss Women’s Bowling Shoes

Brunswick Bliss

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The women’s bowling shoes for the Brunswick Bliss are made stylish and comfortable. Whenever women wear them, they have perfect fitting. They are big enough to have good support. They are however flexible enough to allow swelling expansion.


  • Those shoes have pure slip microfiber slip soles.
  • The use of leather conveys a strong durability.
  • Important features include synthetic uppers, lightweight outsole rubber, and padded collar and tongue foam.

5. Pyramid Women’s Rise Black/Hot Pink Bowling Shoes

Pyramid Women's Rise

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Such fashionable bowling shoes are recommended for playing bowling game, highlighting the smooth stitching with elegant designs. The key aspects are the reinforced eyelets and the supporting outsole design. Any women who are buying these would benefit from high longevity, comfort and a fashionable look. In addition, there is a last and upper pattern of classic style along with superior quality stitching.


  • The non-marking rubber heel at the base gives braking and control capabilities during approach.
  • All shoes have slide soles set to allow left or right hand use.

4. Aura Ladies Bowling Shoes

Aura Women Bowling Shoes

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These ladies bowling shoes have the important characteristics of being convenient, stylish and highly breathable. Their lightweight style can improve productivity in playing your bowling game. In addition, these come with the uppers of the athletic breathable fabric, and padded neck and tongue with foam. There is a light-weight rubber outsole on both of the shoes for easy walking benefits. With the superior slide on the bowling lane, the users can gain singularly. The collar and tongue covered in foam adds a special appeal to these shoes.


  • The prominent features include style, comfort and high breathability.
  • The lightweight of the design would boost your effectiveness while playing.

3. Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes

 Dexter Dani Women Bowling Shoes

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Any women are able to hit the bowling lanes in style and comfort by wearing the Daxter ® Dani bowling shoes. In each of the shoes a low-profile silhouette contains soft and durable man-made uppers. The U-throat Upper pattern was specially implemented by the brand. Also, the tongue and collar are lightly cushioned. Buying these shoes would definitely worth your investment due to its super durability and comfort. Also, the color black / turquoise in a special way reflects elegance. The fabric features a lined tongue collar.


  • Slide-Rite™ S8 microfibre slide forefoot is present on both feet.
  • There is a U-throat upper pattern with structured heel and non-marking rubber outsole.
  • They have adjustable lace-up closure and fabric linings made of soft mesh.

2. Karma Ladies Bowling Shoes

 Karma Women Bowling Shoes

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The significant traits of these ladies bowling shoes are the high performance mesh uppers. There is the inclusion of the foam padded collar and tongue. Moreover, they come with the comfortable slip-on or unique lace construction. Presence of lightweight rubber outsole gives you comfort while sliding on the bowling lane.


  • Their lightweight architecture will keep you game after game in bowling.
  • The Braunswick ladies’ bowling shoes are highly comfortable to wear, look stylish and breathable.

1. BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoes

 BSI Women's Classic Bowling Shoe

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The retro bowling shoes above are conveying some new flair to the traditional style. The price for these shoes are affordable with all the necessary bowling shoe features. You will feel like they are of high value when you wear it. Additionally, the slide is great in those shoes because of the felt on the surface.


  • Included with padded tongue and collar.
  • The black/pink color makes beautiful appearance of these bowling shoes.
  • They come with the uppers in sport leather and the common sliding sole.

Concluding Note:

Those women who are going to play bowling should make the right decision to choose the best women bowling shoes, then she would be definitely receiving a comfortable experience throughout the bowling session. Moreover, they will slide flawlessly on the bowling lane, and will be able to boost the performance of your bowling game.

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