Top 10 Best Toddler Backpacks in 2022 Reviews

When it is time for your kids to go to school or even pre-school, travel trips, an outdoor excursion, etc., it is recommended to pack your kids’ stuff inside a backpack. In the recent market, there is the trend of using toddler backpacks for carrying all your kids’ important stuff. Found to be highly suitable for kids and toddlers, even adults can use these types of backpacks.

For instance, you can pack toys, snacks, water bottle, mobile phones, chargers, travel accessories, and several other accessories inside. In addition to their adequate storage capacity, they are highly popular for their ability to effectively organize all the stuff inside. There will be no chances of insecurity of the packed stuff. Go through the discussed toddler backpacks below and you will be able to make a proper buying decision:

10. Nuby Plush Baby Backpack with Safety Harness

Nuby Plush Baby Backpack with Safety Harness

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All the toddler backpacks available currently do not guarantee excellent safety. However, the present product of the Nuby Plush baby backpack is uniquely manufactured using a safety harness. So, children and toddlers can use it safely without any safety concerns. This cute backpack guarantees superb security and convenience throughout the use. Kids or toddlers can use this adorable backpack for school, shopping, or traveling. With the special inclusion of a compartment, the users can store some essential stuff inside. In addition to the compartment, there is the special inclusion of the safety harness and child wrist strap.

The trait that makes it exceptional is the detachable leash. Moreover, this type of leash allows the backpack to work in a versatile way. The convenient to use, adjustable straps streamline the use for growing toddlers. Its unique monster design is found to be multi-functional. For the fun of kids, they can use it as a pillow as well. Additionally, the included pocket is sufficiently large for accommodating snack, baby wipes, etc.


  • For growing toddlers, the backpack comes with comfortable adjustable straps.
  • This backpack’s universal size is able to fit most kids aged 1-5 years.
  • Availability of the detachable leash allows the backpack to double as just a backpack when you come back to a secured site.

9. Hipiwe Baby Anti-Lost Backpack

Hipiwe Baby Anti-Lost Backpack

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The exquisite butterfly design is showcased on the surface of this Hipiwe. Essentially, the mentioned brand is popular for designing this backpack in the baby backpack style design. There would be no compromise with safety and kids and toddlers can use it for a long-distance trip. In addition, with the special availability of the safety harness buckles inside the front and safety leash, it is certain that the kids always stay close by.

When you doubt to render your kids in crowded places, the included baby safety harness assists a lot. It proves to be a convenient way to assure excellent safety. All the essential things required by your kids will be kept right in the bag. Moreover, toddlers and kids can easily find the required stuff without wasting their time.


  • The strap included in the bag can be detached from the bag.
  • Length of the detachable leash is 1.25m. Also, the leash’s size allows the toddlers to move freely as well as employ all-inclusive control.
  • When you unhook while dropping off, you can serve the kids with the things they need to access.

8. Skip Hop Toddler Backpacks, 12 Dinosaur School Bag, Multi

 Skip Hop Toddler Backpack

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Designed especially for toddlers and kids, the design of this pre-school bag is made cute and adorable. For all those kids whose age is in between 2-5 years old, this toddler backpack is a superb choice. It has an insulated front pouch to keep snacks and lunch at the right temperature. Additionally, this bag has canvas material and easy to clean lining have the ideal backpack for children on the go!


  • Spacious main compartment to accommodate all your kids’ things.
  • This bag comprises of an adjustable mesh bottle pocket and is Phthalate-free.

7. Hipiwe Baby Walking Safety Harness Reins Kid Toddler Strap Backpack

Hipiwe Baby Walking Safety Harness Reins Kid Toddler Strap Backpack

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When purchasing a backpack for kids or toddlers, the size is usually the biggest concerns. When you go for this Hipiwe toddler backpack, there will be no size related concerns. It comes with the universal fit to suit the size for most children. Moreover, its cute-looking design is able to fit the varying size of kids and toddlers. To make sure complete safety is assured, Hipiwe incorporated toddler safety harness. So, your little ones can move freely.

The overall size is made compact for hassle-free storage of baby products, travel accessories, etc. There are some specially designed components utilized in this harness and they guarantee excellent safety. Presence of the kid leash helper removes the terror parents usually have regarding their kids. So, parents can now keep their kid close while going for outdoor activities.


  • The built-in strap and the safety buckle can be varied in size, so kids or toddlers would feel complete convenience.
  • Its detachable leash enables the toddlers to move without experiencing any load.

6. alphabets Sports Toddler Backpacks with Safety Harness Leash

alphabets Sports Toddler Backpack with Safety Harness Leash

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The alphabets Sports meticulously prepared this toddler backpack in the athletic style. The unique design and durable construction guarantee for several years of use. In addition, facility of the internal and external compartments allows you to keep all the essentials with great safety. Besides, the big sized items can be stored inside its massive outer compartment. Inclusion of the front zippered pocket and side pockets enhances the convenience during use.

While moving outdoors with kids, parents could guarantee their safety while using this backpack with safety harness leash. Moreover, the fun and convenient design make it suitable for different uses. Since it is a machine washable toddler backpack, there are zero concerns regarding cleanliness.


  • The universal size fits the majority of the kids in the age group of 1-5 years old. Overall size can be adjusted as they grow.
  • Its 360-degree rotation feature enables independent movement.
  • There is the availability of the detachable tether facilitating the harness double as a backpack when the user is available in a safe location.

5. Hipiwe Baby Toddler Walking Safety Backpack (Pink)

Hipiwe Baby Toddler Walking Safety Backpack (Pink)

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Any backpack designed in pink color is usually the point of attraction for kids and toddlers. Moreover, designed in elegant pink color, this adorable backpack is packed with safety features. The appearance of this backpack signifies a chic penguin design. Children or toddlers can carry it for travelling, school, college, sports activities, etc. In addition, kids will not be able to run off haphazardly, so parents can stay stress-free. Hence, it conveys an extreme level of security which is especially useful while you are outdoors in a crowd.


  • The length of the detachable leash is 43.3 inch and it enables the toddlers to move freely without worrying about safety.
  • Its safety feature allows the kids to learn the proper way to walk.
  • The corresponding roomy compartment can be used to store important items like baby products, wallet, documents and more.

4. Animal Planet Baby Backpack with Safety Harness, Tiger

Animal Planet Baby Backpack with Safety Harness, Tiger

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All the toddler backpacks available currently are not prepared in elegant design but this Animal Planet baby backpack boasts cool design. Its attractive appearance soothes the mind of kids and pleases their mood. Whether they need to pack stuff for school, picnic or travel, this backpack is a suitable choice. While moving outdoors in a crowd, you can keep your child close and present comprehensive freedom too.

With a view to providing safety, this exquisitely designed backpack is manufactured using the safety harness, so kids will stay safe. While moving to congested places, parents can stay worry-free about the safety of their kids. Toddlers can use this backpack to showcase style in a unique manner.


  • For growing toddlers, there is a special inclusion of hassle-free and adjustable straps.
  • There is the incorporation of the detachable leash, so this Animal Planet backpack can double as a backpack
  • Comfortable user experience is facilitated through the use of plush material.

3. Jeep Backpack Harness, Lion

Jeep Backpack Harness, Lion

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There are many backpacks equipped with the safety harness and this one is one among them. Parents can make sure their kids can stay secure while moving outside. There are zero occurrences of child insecurity because this Jeep backpack promises complete security. Its overall size seems perfect for going to school, travel trips, shopping, walking, etc. The built- straps are extremely comfortable and adjustable to suit children of different sizes. During the auspicious occasions, you can gift this backpack to kids and enhance their mood. Not only its look is made magnificent but its build quality is durable too. This ensures that the backpack is suitable for long-term use.


  • The essential components included are simple-to-use safety harness and kid wrist strap.
  • Issues of insecurity are zero because your kids will stay close and yet they will feel comprehensive freedom.
  • The adjustable straps are incorporated to accommodate growing toddlers.

2. Little Me Dino Backpack with Safety Harness Leash

Little Me Dino Backpack with Safety Harness Leash

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Mentioned in the product name itself, this Little Me Dino backpack is prepared with safety harness leash. If you are willing to gift a functional backpack to your kids then this backpack is a suitable choice. In addition to accommodating all the essential stuff inside, kids will learn the manners to properly place their stuff inside. A perfect combination of security and practicality is perceived in this backpack.

When you move to crowded places, your kids will not be subjected to any damage. Your kids will stay close and yet they can move around independently. Generally, there will be no maintenance hassles if you regularly clean it using a damp cloth. Actually, two designs are available to perfectly suit fit your little one’s preferences. Considering the features offered, the price of this Little Me Dino backpack seems affordable.


  • Superb flexibility is conveyed through the use of
  • An incorporated harness makes sure the children stay protected against damage.
  • Great adjustability is presented through the variable webbing straps and a removable tether.

1. Alphabetz Unicorn Toddler Backpacks with Leash

Alphabetz Unicorn Toddler Backpack with Leash

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Attaining the top-notch position in this list of the best toddler backpacks, there are many reasons that adhere to the wide popularity of this backpack. Belonging from the popular brand Alphabets, the backpack is functional, elegant and safe to use. Equipped with a leash, this toddler backpack promises excellent safety for kids. While moving in public places, parents can now secure their child.

What entices the attention of kids is its adorable animal style. As suggested from the name, the backpack possesses a unicorn design to present exquisite appearance. You can use this backpack outdoor, since it can conveniently fit around the back of your kids. Overall structure is made adjustable to meet the growing toddlers.


  • While using this alphabets Unicorn backpack, children will stay safe and close. Besides, they will gain a lot of benefit with the supreme freedom to move around freely.
  • It is quite straightforward to fit harness around your kid. Also, this is because the backpack comprises of the comfortable and adjustable straps.
  • A detachable tether is included and it enables the harness to double as a backpack.

Concluding Note:

Regardless of the weight of the load to carry around, these toddler backpacks are capable to haul them safely. Besides, the kids and toddlers will find great convenience to use them on-the-go without compromising safety. Unlike the typical backpacks, they are meticulously designed with amusing designs and found to be extremely durable.

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