Top 12 Best Nightstands in 2020

Everyone wants to have utmost convenience in their bedroom and investing in certain modern accessories is essential for that. It is the best idea to buy some fancy decorative items to boost your bedroom aesthetics such nightstands. With a modern nightstand, you could place it everywhere in your bedroom. Most people will be unaware of the importance of such nightstands. It is not only be a plus to make your bedroom look unique but it also allow you to make use of it as it could hold onto your various items including books.

Most of them are open shelves and closed drawers where you can store your things comfortably. Moreover, because the steel metal is weatherproof, their metal frames give them a long service life. Its measurements are usually convenient to suit any space, regardless of its size. Looking at the market, you might get overwhelmed when you see the multitude of varieties. Continue reading below to get a proper idea on the best modern bedroom nightstands:

12. BAMEOS Side Table Modern Bedroom Nightstands

BAMEOS Side Table Modern Nightstands

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The BAMEOS side table for bedroom is manufactured from renewable materials. Its surface is made sufficiently smooth with the use of the sturdy MDF panel material and UV paint. Furthermore, its legs are manufactured from bamboo, so it will convey environmental-friendly benefits. Overall, this modern nightstand is strong and durable for long-lasting use.


  • In this modern side table, the table legs are crossed to create a solid angle. Therefore, the entire table can steadily stand irrespective of the location.
  • The overall designing is done using the non-mar foot glides, so this table protects the floor from scuffs and other potential damages.


11. Zinus Dane Modern Studio Collection 20 Inch

Zinus Dane Modern Studio Collection

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The Zinus Dane modern nightstand is functional and stylish with the incorporation of an additional lower shelf. It is extremely simple to assemble and it will aptly fit in small spaces. Basically, this 20-inch square side table is one of the best bedroom modern nightstands because it is versatile. In addition, it can work as a nightstand, coffee table, end or side table, or a simple table to hold different items in any room of the house.


  • The overall dimensions are 20 (L) x 20 (W) x 20 (H) inches and it has 100 pounds weight capacity.
  • It comes with a sturdy square steel tubing frame.
  • To arouse elegance, it comes with a rich black wood grain finish which is easy to clean.
  • There is an extra lower shelf to maximize the storage space.

10. White/Dark Oak Finish Side End Table Nighstands

White/Dark Oak Finish Side End Table Nighstands

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You’ll appreciate the versatility of this elegant nightstand by incorporating the solid / composite wood construction with a sleek and functional design. This product is basically an end table in mid-century style which proves to be a clean addition to any room. Its dimensions are 19″WX 16″Dx 24″H and come in white and dark oak finishes. Additionally, the assemble process is very easy and simple.


  • Its huge tabletop showcases nice edges to prepare a beautiful shape.
  • It comes with two drawers for storage.

8. mDesign Night Stand/End Table Storage Tower

mDesign Night Stand/End Table Storage Tower

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This mDesign nightstand is basically a table storage tower capable of presenting a variety of uses. This storing furniture can be used at any place in your home. Also, idea for storing your additional clothing storage is contained in its overall design. Besides, placing this storage tower inside your bedroom, hall, closet, or entrance way will be easy. It will also have concealed storage for an easy access..


  • In its design, it is sturdy and easy to clean the robust metal frame with a laminated wood cover.
  • There is a front handle attached to the included fabric drawers for easy access.


7. FIVEGIVEN White Accent Side End Table

FIVEGIVEN White Accent Side End Table Modern Night Stand

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Portraying the ultimate contemporary look, this side table is designed with a 2-tone finish. This one has a white faux marble tabletop and a black metal structure to give rise to sophistication in a new way. In this way, this 2-tier square end table makes a massive statement in your bedroom or other rooms.


  • The open framework with an external lower mesh shelf provides high functionality. So, you can use this table in your bedroom or living room.
  • It can be assembled quickly in less than 30 minutes.
  • The overall structure is made robust with the aid of a crisscross foundation and 4 customizable glide stacks ensure high stability.

6. White Color Hardwood End Side Table Nightstands

 White Color Hardwood End Side Table Nightstands

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The classic colored white nightstand is beautiful, and easy to build. All you need is to screw the legs into the table and complete the setup process. Moreover, it is going to be quite easy to assemble–just add the legs. The overall structure is made durable by the use of high quality materials. Additionally, the drawers have enough storage space. The white finish makes this nightstand look gorgeous.


  • The overall design employs a simple match for any location in your house.
  • The products used in the manufacture include wood veneer, hardwood and MDF.
  • The dimensions are 19″W x 16″D x 22.5″H.

5. Bestier Side Table 3 Tier S-Shaped, Small Nightstands

Bestier Side Table 3 Tier S-Shaped

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The nightstand from Bestier in this discussion is built in a beautiful S-shape to make your bedroom look modern. This 16″x 2″ industrial side table is suitable in any rooms, with 3-shelf storage. Furthermore, setting it up in narrow niches inside your living room, entrance or office will be relatively easy.


  • High stability is provided by the hard-wearing thick P2 Particulate board.
  • The frame of this nightstand is made of stainless steel metal which in a natural style complements the handmade-wood material.
  • It can stock up on books and snacks.

4. Coniffer Modern End Table Nightstands

Coniffer Grey Nightstands Modern End Table

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The deep double storage drawers provide ample storage space at this contemporarily crafted nightstand. In addition, the proper arrangement of things lets you easily find them whenever necessary. Every part of this Coniffer Nightstand has a delicate process of piano baking. Thus, it is very soft when you touch it.


  • The gray nightstand is easy to assemble by following the step-by-step instructions set out in the adapted customer manual.
  • Generally, the use of the E1 Environmental Protection Board conveys better workmanship.
  • It is easy to clean, because it has delicate lines and elegant patterns in its construction.

3. Salafey Modern Round Sofa Side Table

Salafey Modern Round Sofa Side Table

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The advantageous aspect of this round sofa side table is its good storage capability. The matching workspace provides ample space for showcasing images or some decorative objects. Moreover, there is a base basket which can provide additional storage. So, you can arrange your reading material or other useful items in a tidy manner.  The users would benefit from its time-saving assembly. Also, there is a come-along instruction that you can follow to make the set up process is simple.


  • This circular side table’s modern style makes an impeccable mix of any form of interior décor.
  • The production is made from high quality carbon steel. There is also an eco-friendly E1 panel to ensure strength, durability and stability.

2. Light Walnut/White Side End Table Nightstands

Light Walnut/White Side End Table Nightstands

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Now your bedroom will look stylish and elegant with the set up of this side table. The overall design is rendered along with a clean style using the composite wood technology. The construction of this over-sized table nightstand shows rectangular shape with curved edges to arouse stunning appearance.


  • The soft walnut and the white finish make this nightstand look elegant.
  • The materials used in the manufacture are wood veneer, hardwood and MDF.
  • It comes with a drawer to provide enough storage space.
  • The legs included are easy to assemble in a couple of minutes.

1. Lifewit Nightstand with 1 Fabric Drawer:

 Lifewit Nightstands with 1 Fabric Drawer

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Lifewit Nightstand is designed for long-lasting use with sturdy construction. Besides, it is made with the wear-resistant canvas from the good quality chipboard. In fact, its thick legs have strong backing. The assembly process is in fact time-saving, as it only takes approx. fifteen minutes.


  • The presence of soft fabric eliminates the possibility of hand and finger injury.
  • There is a spacious drawer in its structure which has a large storage bin and a wooden handle. So, you can store your belongings safely.
  • The wide range of 4 wood legs gives this nightstand greater stability. These legs are designed exclusively for extending durability according to the scientific load analysis


The accessories such as modern nightstands help boost the aesthetic value of your bedroom in a very elegant way. The quick installation is also a plus. Moreover, it has the capacity to hold different of your accessories or books.

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