SleepLux Queen Air Mattress with Built-in AC Pump

Best Air Mattresses in 2021 Reviews

Choosing the right bedding means you’ll be having a decent night’s sleep all night long. Also, as getting a comfortable night’s sleep will offer you many benefits, it’s even more important for you to make sure you’ve selected the perfect bedding items for you or your loved ones. There are multiple kinds of bedding accessories, one of which is the mattress. Different type of mattresses are suitable for different purposes. The air mattresses, for example, suit camping or outdoor activities.

With a compact build these air mattresses are easy to inflate and deflate. The portable design guarantees an easy way to carry and store. Furthermore, it just takes minutes to get the installation finished. To simplify your selection, go through the description of the best air mattress discussed below:

12. AeroBed Laminated Air Mattress

AeroBed Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

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You can sleep on cloud nine with this queen size air mattress from AeroBed. This mattress is built in with an air pump which automatically shuts itself off once the interior is filled. There is a secondary lock to maintain the firmness for the whole night long.

Moreover, it is made with a coil construction with a height of 20 inches. The mattress is made of PVC, while the top material features PVC construction.


  • PVC construction.
  • Extra height of 20 inches.
  • Primary and secondary lock for the air pump system.

  • Might leak air if not sealed properly.

11. Fox Air Beds Leak-proof Air Mattress

 Fox Air Beds - Air Mattress with Built-in Pump Size for Guests

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Fox Air Beds is quite famous for its sealing feature. In addition, it comes with a leak free warranty within 1 year, which is supported by Fox Air Beds US customer support. This mattress is made of I-beam coil, and this type of material can evenly distribute weight and pressure among the surface.

The setup is quick and easy since only 1 dial is needed to turn for the inflation. The mattress comes in a king size which has the surface area of 76 x 80 inches.


  • Waterproof and thick vinyl surface.
  • Made of coil construction.
  • Even weight distribution.

  • Takes a bit longer to deflate.

10. Etekcity 2-in-1 Air Mattresses

Etekcity Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

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Next is the air mattress from Etekcity. It is built in with an outstanding valve with a 2-in-1 function. The valve can be used for both inflation and deflation. The inflation takes only about 3 – 5 minutes, while the deflation process is even quicker. The design prioritizes comfort and support to your back, and therefore, you can fully say goodbye to an uncomfortable sleep.

The loading capacity of the mattress is as high as 650lbs. It is not only safe but also waterproof at the same time, which is proven by US CA standards.


  • US CA certified.
  • Quick inflation and deflation.
  • Weight capacity: 650lbs.

  • Could bow toward the middle if users are too heavy.

9. Air Expect Air Mattress with Pillow

AirExpect Air Mattress Camping AirBed Queen & Twin

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Let’s visit Air Expect to explore more about its queen size air mattress. This mattress is made of PVC, and it is non-toxic for daily and long term usage. It is compatible with a wet ground because it raises the height by an additional 9 inches. It is built with an air coil system, and there is a raised pillow provided for a more peaceful sleep.

The electric pump can also be found in the package, and it can inflate the mattress within 90 seconds only. Moreover, it is wireless rechargeable for a long distance trip.


  • Set of air mattress and electric pump.
  • Raised height.
  • Coil construction.

  • Might have some irritating smell within the first few days.
  • Electric pumps cannot be used and charged at the same time.

8. SleepLux Queen Air Mattresses

SleepLux Queen Air Mattress with Built-in AC Pump

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You can also get a good night rest with the air mattress from SleepLux. This mattress comes in a queen size, and it is made of 3 strong and long lasting layers. It features a superior construction with the use of polyester mesh and PVC. These two materials are ideal for both shoulder and back supports. It can both deflate and inflate very quickly, and users only need to have a press on the button. The mattress is built in with a USB port where you can plug in your smartphone.


  • Fast inflation and deflation.
  • Made of polyester mesh and PVC.
  • Equipped with a USB port.

  • Not suitable for pets due to height problems.

7. Sable Waterproof Air Mattresses

 Sable Air Mattresses Queen Size Inflatable Air Bed with Built-in Electric Pump

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If you want to have an environmentally friendly mattress, you cannot miss Sable. This air mattress is made of PVC and coil that fits with your body shape and weight well. There is also a raised pillow design that directly supports the head and neck for a more memorable night sleep. It is waterproof and weather resistant, and this means it can stay in a low temperature environment at up to -22 degrees F. The loading capacity is high, which can support up to 661lbs or 300kg.


  • Head and neck support.
  • Supports low temperature.
  • Weight capacity: 660 pounds.

  • No such cons are found.

6. Englander Comfortable Air Mattresses

 Englander First Ever Microfiber Queen Air Mattress

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Englander is another renowned brand for the air mattress design. There are 2 color options, which are black and brown. There are 3 sizes as well, which are twin, queen and king sizes. You can easily choose the size that fit with your family size or choose the bigger one for more comfort.

The best thing about this air mattress is the easy and quick inflation. It takes only minutes to get it ready to serve you. Also, it guarantees sleep quality in order to take care of your health.


  • Quick inflation and deflation.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Best sleep quality.

  • Cream tops are easy to get dirty.

5. EnerPlex Leak-proof Mattress

EnerPlex Never-Leak Queen Air Mattress

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Another outstanding option for an air mattress is from EnerPlex. This air mattress takes only 2 minutes to set up, and it features a money-back warranty within 30 days. It also has a lifetime support on the customer service as well. It is constructed with a waterproof and leak proof technology to ensure the solid stability and sleeping quality. The height is raised to 16 inches, which is high enough from the floor for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


  • 30-day refund warranty.
  • Made of waterproof PVC.
  • Coil beam system.

  • Needs to refill the air once every 2 days.

4. Intex Mattress with Pillow

 Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Deluxe

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What does this air mattress from Intex have to offer? This air mattress comes in a queen size, and it is inflatable for both home and outdoor usage. The set includes an electric pump which promotes a quick and easy inflation and deflation. Also, it only takes about 3 minutes to get the mattress ready.

Moreover, there is an inclusion of the pillow, which means you do not need to purchase an extra pillow for comfort. A duffel bag is provided to serve as a storage bag for transportation.


  • Quick setup within 3 minutes.
  • No extra pillow needed.
  • Storage bag included.

  • The electric pump is not portable because it is not battery based.

3. Air Mattress Queen Size

Air Mattress Queen Size

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This air mattress is also worth your attention. It comes with a no-hassle warranty within 60 days. With this air mattress, you can completely say goodbye to back and neck pain. It also offers additional support on joints as well. Furthermore, it does not leak once you fill the interior with air. This is thankful to the use of vinyl that prevents overstretching. Therefore, it can load up to 600lbs for its weight capacity.


  • Back, neck and joint support.
  • 60-day warranty.
  • High weight capacity.

  • Not suitable on the floor during the winter.

2. King Koil Raised Mattress

 King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

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For this top-rated air mattress from King Koil, it features a 1-year warranty to give a worries-free purchase experience. The air mattress is made of high-quality materials with waterproof features. It is built in with a pump to inflate and deflate quickly with an easy operation.

Users only need to turn the knob to get it ready as soon as you wish. You only need 2 minutes to get everything ready.  Also, the air mattress can bring you a healthier night sleep.


  • High-quality construction.
  • Deflate and inflate quickly.
  • Healthy night sleep.

  • Could have leakage problems if not installed properly.

1. SoundAsleep Mattress for 2 People

SoundAsleep Dream Series

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Last but not least, we have this design-led air mattress from SoundAsleep. It features a user friendly design with the best safety standards of all times. It Is built with 40 pieces of air coils in the interior part. There is an internal pump in this air mattress, and as a result, it takes only 4 minutes to inflate the air mattress.

The size is large which can accommodate 2 people at the same time. However, it adds extra thickness to the design to ensure that users can sleep with comfort.


  • Air coils and internal pumps.
  • Large size design.
  • Long lasting support.

  • A bit difficult to fold.


All in all, we have just discovered the top 12 best air mattresses and their significant features. In addition, air mattresses nowadays come with better quality and more reliable design to serve you in all occasions. Thank you for shopping with us, and have a nice day.

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