Best 20000mAh Power Banks in 2022 Reviews

Running out of battery on a smartphone or other devices is usually annoying. Maintaining proper charging in your device is extremely inevitable when you are away from your home or office. In case you are far from electrical outlets, there does remain concern regarding how to charge the devices you carry along like smartphones. Generally, the 20000mAh power banks are recommended for sufficient charging of your devices on the go. There is no point of worry regarding battery running low while you move outside.

In the present market, there are many top brands that manufacture different capacity power banks that are of decent quality. Go through the 20000mAh power banks present in the current market:

10. Power Bank 20000mah Portable Charger – Quick Charge 3.0 USB C Fast Charging

Power Bank 20000mah Portable Charger - Quick Charge

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Most travel fanatics usually focus on simplicity while traveling. Also, it is essential to look at the simplicity of charging while moving out. When you go for this portable charger from Metecsmart, you would have no worry about running out of batteries while traveling. Also, this power bank equips with the fast charge system and could charge two devices at the same time.


  • This power bank comes with type-C output/input which support quick charge for iphone. You just need to have your own USB Type-C to Lightning cable for iPhone.
  • It takes only 35 minutes to gain 80% of battery for a compatible smartphone. It is about 75% quicker than a conventional charger.

9. Memede Power Bank 20000mAh Fast Charging PD with 3.0

Memede 20000mah Power Banks Fast Charging

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If you are looking for a safe portable charger for your smartphones, this power bank from Memede is perfect for you. This power bank comes with the system that will stop the charging when it gets full batteries. So, you would not need to worry about overcharging or any charging accidents. The display number from 1 to 100 indicate how much power left.


  • Two portable charger inputs, micro B and type C with fast charging ability.
  • This power bank is not only fit for smartphones but could also work with iPad, Nintendo Switch, tablet and most of devices.

8. UMei 20000mAh Portable Charger

UMei 20000mAh Power Bank

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There are many smartphone users who always insist to buy a compact and thin profile power bank. The major intention behind this is the fact that most people want to travel light. The portable charger unit from UMei is uniquely prepared in an ultra-thin profile with an intention to simplify carry hassles. Due to its slim design, this portable charger can fit perfectly inside the travel bags or a backpacks. As it comes with the magnificent charging capacity of 20000mAh, so you could charge your smartphones for a few times before it run out of batteries.


  • Its LED emergency light and intelligent LCD screen could indicate the status of actual power.
  • It is fast charging and support over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection.

7. VINSIC 20000mAh, Dual USB Port External Battery Pack

Vinsic 20000mAh Power Banks

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Unlike other low-quality power banks available, this model of 20000mAh portable charger is more efficient. Actually, it offers 10 times charging for the iPhone. With the support of the high capacity battery, efficient and stable power supply is delivered at each port. Its design is ultra slim with hard plastic and aluminum alloy construction, solid and portable. As a result, it is convenient to carry this power bank anywhere.


  • Facility of the dual USB ports allows simultaneous charging of two devices. Moreover, both the port provide stable and powerful power supply.
  • Built-in figure LED display easy to know how much batteries left.
  • Different kinds of protection presented are over-discharged, over-charged, over-voltage, over-current, and short circuit protection.

6. 20000mAh Portable Power Bank Cell Phone Battery Dual Input Port

20000mAh Portable Power Bank Cell Phone Battery Dual Input Port

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Different devices have different charging needs and in order to fulfill them all, this portable charger is a suitable option. There is this built-in intelligent safety system that could ensure an entire protection for you and your devices, including over-heat, over-charge, over-current, over-discharge and short-circuit protection. This portable charger automatically detects your devices’ needed currents, thus, it could provide the fastest and safest charging currents to your devices.


  • Ultra-lightweight design, make it easier for you to carry it around with no hassles.
  • The back up flashlight could come in handy when you are in the camp or in any emergency situation.

5. Solar Charger 20000mAh HaloAura Solar Power Bank with Flashlight

Solar Charger 20000mAh HaloAura Solar Power Bank with Flashlight

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There will be no doubts regarding durability when you carry along this HaloAura Solar power bank unit. This product made of waterproof and shockproof materials. There is a silicone water guards that can shield USB outputs. Also, the use of durable silicone outside is to prevent the solar battery cells from damage.


  • This power bank is made of eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS material, QC-BIO certified, reliable and durable.
  • With its premium battery cells, the circuit guard technology protects from short circuits, over-heating, over-discharging and over-charging.
  • The SOS mode of this power bank is for emergency use.

4. XT Power XT-20000 Power Bank 75Wh 20000mAh

XT Power XT-20000 Power Bank 75Wh 20000mAh

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While traveling, people are generally fed up with the low charging status show on their phone or dead battery. Now such issues will be eliminated through the 75Wh 20000mAh rechargeable battery charger. It makes sure the required power is delivered to the connected mobile devices. Incorporation of the USB ports, as well as a rechargeable battery, allows you to charge your device easily.


  • The XT Power XT-20000 power bank unit conveniently fits inside purse, bag or pocket.
  • Its built-in LED lights indicate the amount of battery power left.
  • With a view to providing safety against the overload output or short circuit, its operation would automatically shut

3. Waterproof Solar Charger, 20000mAh Solar Power Banks

Waterproof Solar Charger, 20000mAh Solar Power Bank

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Suggested from the product name itself, these power banks could charge the power both through the USB and the sun light. If the light turn green, it means that the power bank is charging from the solar and while the blue one indicate that it charging through USB. With the built-in light, besides charging your devices when needed you could also use its bright light while you are in the dark or in any emergency circumstances.


  • Its durable and reliable material of ABS, PC and silicone make the product weather-resistant, high durability as well as water resistant.
  • This product could endure all weather conditions. Also, it fit for any type of trips such as hiking, picnic, sailing or other outdoor activities.
  • The arrangement of the dual USB ports benefits the user to simultaneously charge two devices.

2. 20000mAh Ultrathin Dual USB Portable Power Banks

20000mAh Ultrathin Dual USB Portable Power Bank

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If you are a person who aim to travel light, this ultrathin portable power bank perfectly fit for you. Despite the compact size, this power bank could easily accommodate two devices at the same time. Its compatible devices includes iPhone, iPad, iwatch, Airpods, Samsung, most other Phones, Tablets and other USB devices as well as  bluetooth devices.


  • During the making of this product, the manufacturer bears in mind the high security as it could protect your devices from overcharge, overdischarge, overload, and short circuit.
  • Clear digital marks to indicate the status of the power.

1. Solar Charger, 20000mAh Solar Power Bank Portable Charger

Solar Charger, 20000mAh Solar Power Bank Portable Charger

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If you are an environment lover, this product is perfectly suit your lifestyle as it is known as an eco-friendly product. Its built-in 20000mAh high capacity polymer battery comes along with a small solar panel. The panel allow the power bank to recharge under the sunlight. Made from special materials such as ABS, PC and silicone, this product is guarded from rain, dirt and shock or drop.


  • The five pilot indicate how much the power is left, thus it allow you to charge the product in a timely manner.
  • The included flashlight assists excellently during issues of emergency or in dark environments. It could also fit with the camping or hiking trips.

Concluding Note:

Carrying a20000mAh power banks is a recommended idea to make sure there would be never low charging or dead battery concerns. Overally, they are lightweight to carry, compact in size and efficient in operation to justify your investment.

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