Best 13-Gallon Trash Cans in 2021 Reviews

There are many aspects to focus on while considering the safety of health and one of them is cleanliness. The use of trash cans make your place looks organized and cleaned. An untidy place would invite germs, bacteria, mosquitoes, insects and many other creatures which pose a threat to your health. Any place will look untidy due to the presence of garbage which accumulates if not removed regularly. Moreover, the regular accumulation of garbage makes you prone to different health ailments.

A high capacity trash can is capable to hold swept, dirt, food residues, pet litter, and other garbage. The choice of such trash cans makes sure the surrounding appears neat and clean. Installation of such trash cans is one of the effective ways to add a beautiful aesthetic to your place.

Our List of Top 12 Thirteen Gallon Trash Cans in 2019 Reviews on Amazon:

12. NINESTARS DZT-50-28SL Original Touchless Trash Cans


NINESTARS DZT-50-28SL Original Touchless
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The brand NINESTARS is prevalent when it comes to different capacity trash cans. One of the decent quality trash cans from this popular brand is this touchless trash can. Its preparation uses superior quality materials to guarantee durability. The entire operation is made automatic with the incorporation of the infrared motion sensor that is resistant to water. In addition, this sensor is dedicated to avoiding humidity or sudden spills which may damage the unit. It is the availability of the stainless steel bottom that this trash can stay clean; this stainless steel material is fingerprint resistant.


  • Inside this touchless trash can, the presence of the detachable ring liner is useful to hold trash bag within a secure place. Furthermore, it averts issues of overhanging.
  • Execution of the cutting-edge delay sensing technology makes sure there is noticeable saving in the battery life. With a view to saving power, this touchless trash can product would automatically shut down if there is no activity for three seconds.
  • Presence of the touch-free motion sensor lid closure allows effective removal of microbes.

11. Ninestars DZT-50-9 Automatic Trash Cans

NINESTARS TTT-50-19 Automatic Tap Sensor Trash Can

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With entire operation being automatic, this model of the trash can unit makes sure your home, office or place where it is setup stays clean. It is due to the incorporation of the touch-free motion sensor lid closure that the odor seals inside. Furthermore, it would discard the cross-contamination of germs. Operation of this automatic trash can is powered using the 3 D alkaline batteries. The built-in infrared motion sensor is resistant to water and also stops the occurrence of moisture accumulation.


  • In this automatically working trash can, the included power would persist up to 6 months of regular usage.
  • It is due to the implementation of the newest delay sensing technique that allows excellent saving of battery life.
  • Availability of the removable ring liner guarantees proper holding of the trash bag.
  • The lid stays in the open form in case the hand stays within the vicinity of the infrared sensor.

10. Tramontina 13 Gallon Step Trash Can Stainless Steel Includes 2 Freshener Cartridges

Tramontina 13 Gallon Step Trash Can

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What makes this Tramontina trash can exceptional is the execution of the Freshener system. This system reduces the odors to make sure the surrounding stays fresh. Facility of the soft close lid and trim ring hides the bag overhand. There would be no damage to the floor with the use of detachable liner along with the plastic base. Overall, this rectangular step can unit is a durable and chic, space-saving step can that can work elegantly in any room or surrounding.


  • The rust-resistant, hard-wearing materials offer excellent durability.
  • Its structure features the heavy-duty hinge construction and durable pedal offers the simplicity of opening.
  • It comes with a sleek, sturdy stainless steel satin-finish body equipped with the print-free and stain-free coating.

9. NINESTARS OTT-50-19BK Open Top Office Bathroom Trash Cans

NINESTARS OTT-50-19BK Open Top Office Bathroom Trash Cans

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As mentioned above, the brand NINESTARS offers functional garbage trash can units including this product. Brought to the customers in the exceptional shape, this can unit would conveniently fit inside any kitchen, study room, living room, bedroom, etc. In case you want to use it with excellent effectiveness, you may use any standard trash bags. Usually, it is observed that garbage bag would be hidden and anyone cannot see it easily. So, it indirectly conveys a neat appearance to enhance the overall aesthetic.


  • Inside this NINESTARS OTT-50-19BK trash can unit, there is the incorporation of the commercial-grade T430 stainless steel base. This base gives assurance that the trash can unit would stay clean.
  • The garbage bin would last longer.

8. Lightweight and Durable Hefty Touch Lid 13.3 Gallon Trash Cans (Black)

Lightweight and Durable Hefty Touch Lid 13.3 Gallon Trash Can

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Those homeowners or offices looking for a durable and lightweight high-capacity trash can unit could go for this one. This trash can is extremely simple to carry. When you need to empty your trash can unit to the garbage collectors, there would be no hassles. There are no doubts regarding the long-term use whether you require it in your home or at the office. The included touch button unlocks the spring-loaded lid; hence you might press the lid down to attain the closed position. Approximately 13.3 gallons of the trash bag would be held without any issues. This gives assurance that the capability to hold garbage is high.


  • On the surface, there is a simple to use a lid that easily flips open via a touch button. When you press it, it would shut down.
  • According to the available space, this black trash can be set up in home, office or kitchen. If there is sufficient space available in the garage or laundry room, you may even place there.

7.​​ NINESTARS CB-DZT-50-13/12-13 Automatic Trash Can Combo Set
NINESTARS CB-DZT-50-13/12-13 Automatic Combo Set

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Neat and clean appearance without showcasing in public view is the key specialties of this trash can combo set. Generally, the homeowners and offices are fed up with the concern of overhanging the trash bag. Now such issues would be eliminated when you use this set. There is special incorporation of the detachable ring liner that allows flawless holding of a trash bag in a secured place. Also, you may not need to worry about the odor since the odor would be sealed through the assistance of the touch-free type motion sensor lid closing. This closure removes the concerns of the cross-contamination of microbes.


  • It comes with a stainless steel made base which simplifies cleaning and maintenance process.
  • There is the availability of the water-resistant type of infrared motion sensor; this sensor targets to prevent the buildup of dampness. Also, it prevents the issues of abrupt spills.
  • There is the implementation of the cutting-edge delay sensing technology that targets to saves the battery life. Moreover, this technology also stops unwanted opening by an anonymous person, kids or pets.

6. Rubbermaid 13-Gallon Premium Step-On Waste Bin

Rubbermaid 13-Gallon Premium Step-On Waste Bin

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The versatility of this 13-gallon capacity waste bin finds its application in different places. There would be no restrictions to use this premium quality trash can unit for indoors or outdoors. It functions outstandingly to hold the garbage of different types. Though it is extensively utilized as a kitchen trash can, it can also be used in office, kitchen, laundry room, commercial places, etc.


  • The users just need to step-on and then this waste bin opens or closes
  • Its 13-gallon capacity of holding garbage is found perfect for everyday use.

5. iTouchless Round Sensor Matte Deodorizer Finish Trash Can

iTouchless Round Sensor Matte Deodorizer

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The innovative designed automatic trash can unit equips with the large 13 gallon capacity of holding garbage. Its circular shape assists a lot to save the space, so you may use the surrounding to place other items. Due to the presentation of the elegant finish, it is certain that this exquisitely crafted stainless steel trash can unit appears excellent in your decor. Important functionalities include smudge-resistant and fingerprint-proof. Generally, the cleaning hassles are minimal and also maintenance is simple. Inside this infrared motion sensor, the users need not touch the lid because its operation is automatic. You just need to use the hands’ motion in order to automatically unlock the lid.  Furthermore, the magnificent matte white finish is extremely straightforward to clean and perfectly complements the decor.


  • While the lid closing is carried out, the included Reflx Technology opens the lid on its own. Furthermore, it also senses the shaking of the user’s hands.
  • There is the incorporation of the removable odor filter that is capable to absorb the trash odors.

4. iTouchless SoftStep 13.2 Gallon Step Trash Can

iTouchless SoftStep 13.2 Gallon Step Trash Can

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When you are making a considerable investment in purchasing the trash can unit, it is important to make sure there is no inconvenience while using. The present model of the high capacity trash can is extremely simple to use. Furthermore, its operation is silent and does not incorporate any difficulties. Overall construction is made chic and elegant to make sure the surrounding appears beautiful. With the assistance of the removable inner bucket, it is extremely simple to take outside the trash.


  • Highlights of the significant features include a separable inner bucket, deodorizer, fingerprint-proof stainless steel body, and the tuck and hold bag retention.
  • It comes with an odor filter inside the odor control system; this filter is capable to suck in and counterbalance the odors up to 3 months of the span.

3. simplehuman 50 Liter / 13 Gallon Trash Cans

simplehuman 50 Liter / 13 Gallon Trash Can

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The brand simplehuman is famous for years to deliver high-quality products and one of them is this trash can product. Homes, offices or other places can now appear neat with the assistance of this 50-liter trash can. There is the incorporation of the powerful and well-built trash bags inside this spacious trash can. All the included trash bags would conveniently fit for offering a neat trash experience. Generally, it is observed that its huge capacity is perfect for households or for big families. This waste bin also possesses a slide lock that perfectly locks the lid with a view to keeping it protected. In this way, kids and pets could not access it.


  • Presence of the wall bumper gives assurance that the lid would stay away from hitting the wall.
  • No much space is occupied due to its semi-circular shape.

2. Umbra Brim Large Kitchen Trash Stainless Steel Foot Pedal

Umbra Brim Large Kitchen Trash Stainless Steel Foot Pedal

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Suggested from the name, this stainless steel based trash can product is suitable for a large kitchen. Some of the exceptional specialties of this well-built trash can product are its versatility and convenience. Basically, this brim kitchen trash can product depicts a locking lid that usually remains open to allow stress-free trash bag removal. After the removal is completed, the lid would shut down. It is a perfect trash can foot pedal for household use or commercial use. Besides, its smooth appearance gives assurance that the product is perfect for use in different places.


  • With the support of the durable polypropylene construction and due to the exquisite satin finish, it is certain that this foot pedal is extremely easy to clean.
  • Its overall measurements are recommended to hold spacious 13-gallon garbage bags.

1. ITouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Cans

ITouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can

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Those looking for a touchless trash can units with high effectiveness and neat appearance they can go for this unit. In addition, the incorporated lid could be automatically opened via the hands’ movements. With the included facility of the natural carbon odor filter, this product could suck in and balance the odors of trash.


  • Protection against germs and fingerprint marks is offered through its stainless steel construction.
  • Due to the sleek design, there are no troubles to clean the entire unit.
  • It comes in the space-saving rectangular shape that is highly efficient at saving the space also fits in tight spaces or corners.

Concluding Note:

For holding a large quantity of garbage of different types, the 13-gallon trash can units are ideal. They can be easily accessed, cleaned and does not involves any hassles to use. So, any homeowners or offices could use it easily.

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